Who is Aram Serhad, Where is he from, About, Biography

We found answers to questions such as who is Aram Serhad, who is known as the moving voice of Kurdish music, where is she from, biography and information.

As every artist has an iconic song, artist Aram Serhad's iconic song was Xezalê. As the Xezale yelli yelli soul song is played, the first name that comes to mind is Aram Serhad. So who is Aram Serhad, where is he from, how old is he, what do we know about him, we wanted to write his biography.

For those who are wondering about Aram Serhad's real name, let's first explain his real name. Aram Serhad's real name is Gökhan Sevinç. Aram Serhad, who is from the Sevinç family, is originally from Muş Bulanık, but he was born in Sarıgöl, Manisa for some reasons, not here.

Although Aram Serhad, whose enthusiasm for music started at a young age, was despised by everyone, he did not let go of that music and has come so far. Saying that he drummed and played empty cans with his cousin when he was little, Aram Serhad says that he first formed an amateur rock band, and left because he was discriminated against.

Aram Serhad, who started to memorize Kurdish Songs at the age of 16, says that when he was going to make his first music video, he got his stage name from the great masters Aram Tigran and Hozan Serhad. Aram Serhad, now living in Istanbul and going to many wedding programs, has gained a great place among his fans with works such as Xezalê, Yek Mumık, Eman Dilo, Zore, and Esir Mame.

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