Who is Halit Bilgic, Where is he from, About, Biography, Information

Who is Halit Bilgiç, who has a place in everyone's heart with his original music songs, Who is it, Where is it from, About, Biography and Information

Halit Bilgiç, who won a place in the hearts of millions with his song "Liberty is My Flower", is an artist who received the appreciation of everyone from 7 to 70 with his original music songs. So who is Halit Bilgiç, what do we know about where he is from, we researched them for you.

We wanted to give you information that many of you do not know. Because we seem to hear that you want to learn a lot about the artist you admire. Halit Bilgiç family was originally born in Lebanon. Halit Bilgiç, who came to the world in 1980, took refuge in Syria first and then in Turkey as a refugee due to the prevailing events in Lebanon.

Halit Bilgiç, who was born in Turkey when he was only 3 months old, was born here due to his family immigrating to Mardin Midyat. that is, he was born in Mardin Midyat. Halit Bilgiç, who came to the age of 13 due to financial difficulties, went to Adana to work. When the year was 1995, Halit Bilgiç went to Yalova and started his music career here.

Halit Bilgiç, who started his music career in Yalova, made his first album in 2004 with the support and courage he received here. Halit Bilgiç, who took a break for four years due to financial difficulties, released his second album again in 2008. Halit Bilgiç, who has a place in the hearts of millions with works such as Don't Say, You're My Freedom Flower, Dreaming of You, Don't Go, My Life, My Childhood, has reached millions of clicks on social media.

Halit Bilgiç is originally from Arab and currently lives in Izmir.

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