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Terms of Use of Our Site

Dear user, it is your most natural right to know what information a website you enter collects from you. With the newly enacted law, a website has to explain the usage rules to users entering the site in a visible corner of the site. does not need any personal information from you, as it is a personal site, a site that uses blog infrastructure and offers information without membership. This means that your information is definitely not recorded by We use the blogger infrastructure offered free of charge by Google and we direct the domain to the blogger page we use free of charge from Google.

Our blog infrastructure only has a general statistics panel such as countries, browser, operating system, and only statistics such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly number of users are collected by Google and reflected on our analytics page.

In summary:

As, we are not affiliated with any institution, organization or political party. We publish completely impartially. We strictly adhere to the principle of impartiality. We want to convey to you as much as we can without throwing any information into the background. It is our firm and clear line to be a lawful website and to share lawful information.

- We share our website as, which we have personally opened by adopting the law of freedom of thought and thought that our country's laws have presented to us, without defaming any of our citizens, official institutions, or subjecting them to discrimination. is a personally opened website. It does not belong to an official institution or organization.

- We do not record any information such as (ip address) of all users who enter our site and we do not share them with anyone else.

-We use representative images in some of the information we publish. In other words, the pictures in some of the information we share may not have anything to do with that information. (We use representative images for some information)

-Since we do not have a membership system, every user who enters our site enters our site only for the purpose of obtaining information without membership and does not share any information with us. Our website is a website that is visited by everyone without membership.

-Our site does not use cookies in any way. There are some advertising codes that we add to our site and some links for information purposes that are directed outside of our site. The cookie policy of Google Adsense ads is the responsibility of Google. Although the links on our site are secure, we are not responsible for the cookie policy on these links, since you do not have to click them and they are in line with your request.

There is a comment feature under all the content we share on our site. You are solely responsible for the comments you make. can place and share videos on social video sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion with the shareable open codes provided by the sites.

As with every website, we also publish advertisements on our website. The ads we publish are the world-renowned advertising portal Adsense.

-When you finally use our site, you are deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned items.

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